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See the Court website for more information and notices about where some specialized cases types or matters are heard.

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The law recognizes the importance of protecting certain communications and grants them a privileged status for purposes of a lawsuit.

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However, a subpoena contains certain distinguishing characteristics. The deposition officer shall put the deponent under oath or affirmation. California in a case filed in, say, Nevada.

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This short article, however, will seek to address some of the questions most commonly asked, such as those listed above, and give the reader background information to help make the reader feel more comfortable.

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Absent any objections or motions to quash, once the time for compliance commences, the witness must testify or produce the documents at the stated place and time.

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These are sometimes referred to as actions for an equitable bill of discovery.

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You might be able to get your local court to fund the foreign attorney. Unless you are absolutely certain about something, keep a lid on it. We will continue to monitor case law arising from this developing area of the law and provide Client Alerts as these decisions unfold. So it appears difficult to appear at the judge has entered.