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5 of the Best Hospitality Books for Christians

Want to open your home to others? You’ll love the inspiration and help found in these five best hospitality books for Christians.

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Woman sits on floor surrounded by books

When I was living on my own as a single 23-year-old, I wanted to invite people to my apartment, but what could I really offer them? I could think of plenty of excuses:

  • Some of my friends were too young and would rather spend time at college.
  • Or they were too old and refined for dinner at my modest apartment.
  • My married friends would want to only spend time with their spouses.
  • Or my friends who were parents were too busy caring for their children to get out of the house for a meal.

Once I read Luci Swindoll’s book, You Bring the Confetti, God Brings the Joy, my eyes were opened. With all of my free time (and as a single, I had plenty!), I could bless friends in different life stages through my hospitality.

By inviting others to my home, as modest as it might have been, I began investing in people and pampering them with thoughtful meals and conversation.

After reading that book, my life was changed – simply because I put my fears aside and focused on what people really needed: relationships. The investment in relationships was made through a tidy but modest home and simple home-cooked meals.

But what if you’re nervous?

Hospitality may sound like an intimidating prospect: invite people into your home? Feed them a meal and visit for a few hours?

Yet hospitality isn’t the same as entertaining. If you think of entertaining in your home, you’re apt to plan a show and focus on all you can offer. Hospitality focuses on your guest, though, and his or her greatest need: relationships.

Hospitality doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you remember that people just want to spend time with you. And everyone loves knowing someone else is interested in getting to know them.

It’s biblical to invite people to your home?!

Even if you decide you want to invite someone else into your home, you may wonder why it should be a priority. This winter I’ve been reading through five books that explain why hospitality is a crucial and necessary part of the Christian life.

Instead of focusing on superficial details like how you could decorate your home and what you should serve, these books get right to the heart of the matter: the Bible commands Christians to open their homes. And when we obey as followers of Christ, lives can be transformed – lives of both believers and nonbelievers, host and guest.

Woman sits on floor with coffee and books

These five books will help you realize the need to start inviting people into your home and spur you into thoughtful, meaningful gatherings:

The Simplest Way to Change the World by Dustin Willis and Brandon Clements

Written by two  pastors, The Simplest Way to Change the World is an easy, quick read that shares plenty of stories of how the authors’ hospitality has changed lives and entire neighborhoods. Detailing society’s hunger for being seen, heard, and known, the book shares how the biblical command to welcome others to your home can transform lives. It also includes simple, creative hosting ideas.

The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield

Rosaria Butterfield and her family live out hospitality every single day – and she’s written an amazingly interesting account of what this daily hospitality looks like. She also candidly shares the very real and powerful way hospitality transformed her own life, as well as the guests who enter her home. This is a captivating book filled with well-written, thoughtful narrative and examples.

Just Open the Door by Jen Schmidt

Blogger and author Jen Schmidt weaves a friendly and practical account of what hospitality has looked like in her own life. As a girl noticing her parents’ commitment to hospitality, she grew to a wife and mom with her own life of plenty of impromptu, imperfect, but memorable get-togethers that have blessed lots of people coming to her home. Her book is as inviting as her hospitality – full of charm, helpful ideas, and honesty.

Simple Secrets to a Beautiful Home by Emilie Barnes

The late Emilie Barnes wrote dozens of books helping Christian homemakers figure out how to care for their homes, manage their busy schedules, and create havens. Simple Secrets to a Beautiful Home digs in much deeper than simple home décor ideas. Barnes shares plenty of practical advice, but also includes spiritual elements that challenge and encourage believers. While this book focuses on how to create a place you and your family will love, it also includes lots of helpful hospitality insight.

Making Room by Christine D. Pohl

When you’re reading Making Room, forget about cutesy hospitality ideas! This book is perfect for deep thinkers, as it uncovers exactly why believers should make hospitality a priority. It also details hospitality throughout the history of the Christian church and digs deep into hospitality as a biblical command and tradition. This book is full of interesting accounts that require more pondering and consideration than many other hospitality books.

Woman sits on couch reading a book

As you begin to see hospitality as a biblical role and life-changing gift, it will be easier to start inviting others to your home. When you do that, the Lord will surprise you with the people who gather around your table and the way He’ll bless you through your hospitality.

What is your favorite book about hospitality?

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  1. Hi Hillary, grace and peace be unto you and yours. I just taught about Lydia’s stories (Acts16.11-15) yesterday Sunday March 8th Women Day here. After her conversion to Christ, the gift she had is to welcome the ministers at her home. She used what she had, and doing joyfully, and faithfully with great love. Acts 16.40 her home was always open for God’s servants and works. It is a good example for us as Christian . Some cultures do not apply and don’t love hospitality even in some christian life. We don’t know the reasons. the Individualism is the issue. as chrisitan we need community, we can’t live our faith and spiritual life without other persons , we need to experience others’ spiritual life, we have to visit and host others in order to encourage each other and to help others to see how we live spiritually and socially at home. As for us we have been blessed when we were at your home, we have been feeling honored seeing and experiencing your kind hospitality in September 2019, thanks so much. Our home is the same, Domoina has at least one visitor a day, our home is the place people to come. Sometimes we don’t have to offer but we have at least prayers for them. We are not perfect but we love hosting people. Thank you so much for this post about HOSPITALITY. N’jaka and Domoina

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