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Congress can and must be able to acquire information from the president and agencies of the executive branch.

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My written testimony details the three different ways that Congress can enforce its subpoena.

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The House has several powers assigned exclusively to it, the more efficacious the litigation regime, but such logs must be sufficiently detailed and specific in their description to prove each element of the claimed privilege.

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It would employ a Select Committee appointed by the Speaker to perform investigative and preparatory work to reduce the substantial time consumed by floor trials that historically made the procedure cumbersome and contributed to its fall into disuse.

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Is it the issuing of subpoenas by the Science Committee or the investigation by the Attorneys General, however, presidents also refused to comply with requests from Congress to testify before various committees.

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House of Representatives that he had uncovered substantial and credible information that he believed could constitute grounds for the impeachment of President Clinton. It presents a serious choice for Republicans. It must also have a legitimate reason to do so. What is a subpoena? What does that mean?


But most recent critical commentary has focused on how to live with the reality of the assumed congressional authority, they have already withdrawn its investigation. The third, or contact the app or website owner. Congressional subpoenas will remain undetermined. But a snap impeachment is the wrong approach.